Project Reality

Privacy Notice

April 23rd 2020


PR Account Creation

The Login Server requires a user to create a PR Account to play Project Reality:Battlefield 2 online. For this purpose, we use third-party OpenID services to connect and create a new PR Account. Currently we support the Steam OpenID service only.

Steam OpenID

Project Reality and their services are not associated with Steam or Valve.

The Login Server only saves publically accessible data from your Steam profile gathered during the calculation of your PR Account Level. Such data includes, but might not be limited to, your unique Steam profile Id, status of owning non-free games, status of total hours playing games and your VAC ban status. Any private data accessed during the calculation of your PR Account Level is not saved and only the result of the calculation is kept on the Login Server. The calculation of your PR Account Level is only done once automatically when you login for the first time. You have the option to manually recalculate your PR Account level.

Sharing Information

Project Reality may share information about your PR Account with any licensed Game Server and the respective Server License holder. This includes no information that could trace the original OpenID service profiles (i.e. your steam profile). Only information related to the PR Account is potentially shared such as, but might not be limited to, the PR account Id, creation date and PR Account Level.

Playing online

While playing online, any Game Server you join might collect additional data about you and your internet connection. This is not covered by this statement and Project Reality can not be held responsible for actions done by individual game servers in terms of data gathering.

Further Data Gathering

The Login Server may save data such as IP-Addresses or other hardware information for technical analysis as agreed to in the EULA (Licensing).


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